Instant Relief |  Shower Steamers
Instant Relief |  Shower Steamers
Instant Relief |  Shower Steamers

Instant Relief | Shower Steamers

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 The photo above represents  ONE BAG of Instant Relief Shower Steamers*


Treat your senses and relieve stress and anxiety with the soothing power of our Instant Relief eucalyptus shower steamers. Cruelty-free and naturally formulated to alleviate discomfort from colds, flu, and seasonal allergies.




  • reduce nasal congestion
  • relieve stress and anxiety 
  • supports respiratory health
  • great for men and women 


 size: 10 count  (1 bag )

 Pairs well with our Deep Breath Roller Oil


Instructions: Place one or two into the base of your shower 

Place your shower steamer(s)  right in front of your feet. As the water hits, the shower steamer will melt and you will be able to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits. 


Ingredients: include baking soda, citric acid, mica powder, witch hazel, essential oils, and Menthol Crystals.



*Disclaimer: None of our products have been approved or evaluated by the FDA. Therapeutic Awakening explicitly states that it makes no claims that its products will/can diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease, illness, or ailment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Grace Hewitt
Amazing and Soothing

The shower steamers are wonderful. I use them after a hard work out at the gym or generally after a particularly stressful day. They really take your time in the shower to a next level. I recommend!

Thanks Grace! We're happy that you included our TOP SELLING Instant Relief Shower Steamers in your self care routine

Ok! Ok!

At first was a little hesitant due to past shower steamers I’ve had but this was an instant feel! I immediately felt myself inhaling it (I’ve been dealing with sinus issues for 2 weeks now). Highly recommend if you’re trying to feel amazing after feeling down due to sinus congestion. 10/10 hands down

Thanks Kenny for trusting us with your self care needs. Our shower steamers are made with gentle ingredients to ensure that you enjoy the aromatherapy benefits such as stress relief, mental clarity, and sinus relief

Maddie J

I purchased these at a pop-up shop and it was in my top 3 purchased items for sure. I used it the same night because I’ve been having really bad headaches and body aches due to this Mississippi weather. These streamers gave me INSTANT relief and I’ve started using them every other day to gain relief during the work week. Definitely will be making another purchase soon!

Yes MJ ! We're so happy that our Instant Relief Shower steamers have been giving you the much needed relaxation and yes MS weather can be very unpredictable.

We'd recommend our Deep Sleep body oil for added aromatherapy benefits

Very Refreshing

I’m enjoying this product a lot!!! I have the eucalyptus plus mint and I feel relaxed and calm with every use. The aroma of the mint and eucalyptus definitely takes the stress away.

Steven, we aim to please ! We're happy to know that you're enjoying our Instant Relief shower steamers. You'd love our travel size Breathe Again Body Oil.