Herbal Beard Soap

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 Deliver the deep clean that your beard deserves with our detoxing and moisturizing Beard Soap. The herbal formulation is designed to bring out the best in your facial hair by cleansing your pores, removing dirt and grime, and restoring moisture back into your beard.



  • great for all hair types
  • works on sensitive skin ( discontinue if you experience any skin reactions)
  • detoxes and exfoliates
  • deeply moisturizing 




*Disclaimer: None of our products have been approved or evaluated by the FDA. Therapeutic Awakening explicitly states that it makes no claims that its products will/can diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease, illness, or ailment.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Carr
Suds almighty!

I absolutely love this soap! Smells fantastic and lathers up like crazy!

Our Herbal Beard soap is formulated as a beard shampoo to give your facial hair that extra moisture so the suds are the icing on the cake Glad you're enjoying it.