Commonly asked questions and answers about Therapeutic Awakening's brand and products


Q: Are your products hand made ?

A: Yes, each bath and body product for both men and women are handmade. The oils are carefully hand poured and the bath salts are gently mixed by hand. 


Q: What's vegan body care?

A: Vegan body care includes products that do not contain animal derived products. Our products are NOT tested on animals nor do we use HARMFUL or toxic ingredients in any of our products.


Q: How are your products different from other "clean and natural" lines?

A: All Therapeutic Awakening's bath and body products are formulated with a focus on skin health as well as sustainability. The products are unique to the brand and are created with innovation, purpose, and minimal ingredients.


Q: How do I use the infused oils?


A: Please refer to the INSTRUCTIONS section located under the listed product. PLEASE DISCONTINUE IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY SKIN REACTIONS 


Q:  How can I use the infused oils for aromatherapy?


A: For the best results, apply them to either of your  pressure points 

( side of your neck, wrists, behind your ears and  collar bone) or you can apply them to the palm of your hands and deeply inhale the natural oil fragrance as well


Q: Do your products have an expiration date?


A: All of our products last at least 3 years 


Q: Do you all have a return policy?

A: We do not accept any returns or exchanges 


Q: My question was not listed under the FAQS how can I contact Therapeutic Awakening?


A: Please contact us via email  info@shoptherapeutics.com